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Here's what we can do for you

Photo coverage

photo consultancy
shoot and deliver on the spot
archiving with cloud backup
we create a narrative based on the photo selection

Video coverage

video consultancy
script writing
film directing
video editing
sound design

Livestream & New Media

livestream with multiple cameras
aerial photography
animated gifs
360° photography
tiny planets

Social Media Marketing

developing a full content calendar complete with on-site social media manager
visual & social media communication

Photo coverage

We’re talking about the art you need to make your event known, appealing, sending people the message they are proud to be part of it, or on the contrary, to feel sorry they’ve missed such an experience.

Video coverage

Music events, regardless of their kind, sell through experiences and emotions. And the best trigger for emotions are the visuals of life.

zilele clujului tiny planet

New media

Our primary mission is to help Marketing and PR departments produce engaging content, captivating and instantly available to your target audience.